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Lady A

Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, and Hillary Scott. This is Lady A (Formerly Lady Antebellum), a powerhouse trio of amazing country musicians that absolutely blow fans away with their live performance! Don’t miss your chance to see Lady Antebellum on tour in a town near you!

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Lady Antebellum Bio

Lady Antebellum is a classic story of the internet bringing together a perfect partnership! Charles Kelley had moved to Nashville with schoolmate Dave Haywood to make a go of a songwriting career, and had been using MySpace to help promote himself and his gigs. One of those MySpace friends, Hillary Scott, ran into Charles at a Nashville music club. The rest, as they say, is history.

Speaking of history, that is what inspired the name. As the trio was taking photographs around Nashville they focused on antebellum homes for their beauty and architecture. Antebellum is a general term meaning “before the war”, and they group thought that Lady Antebellum would be a great name, and so it was. Lady Antebellum was born. It seemed at the time that once that decision was made, the rest would just work itself out, and it has done just that.

Rising quickly to the top of the charts with their self-titled debut album, Lady Antebellum solidified their foothold in country music history with tracks like “Love Don’t Live Here”, “Looking for a Good Time”. They quickly landed a spot on country music radio, and opening up on tour with Martina McBride. “Need You Now” and “American Honey” followed and it seems every song they released after that point is just a powerhouse of incredible vocals and excellent songwriting and instrumentation. They now headline their own tours after several chart-breaking albums, and put on one of the the best live shows in country music!

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