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Shania Twain has "Gone and Done It” again with her hugely successful comeback tour after 11 years off the road. Shania Twain’s Rock This Country tour is a follow-up to her 2 year residency show “Still The One” in Las Vegas’s Ceasar’s Palace, and is anticipated to be a blockbuster success!

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Shania Twain Bio

Shania Twain was originally born Eilleen Regina Edwards in a small mountain area outside Toronto, Ontario. Oldest child of 3, and daughter of Sharon Edwards. Her parents divorced when she was two years old, and the years that followed were filled with hardship, struggle, and perseverance. Her mom eventually remarried to a man named Jerry Twain, who legally adopted her and her sister, giving her the Twain last name. As she grew older, Eilleen discovered that her voice could provide some much-needed relief from her family’s struggles, and began taking performing spots in local bars and talent shows to bring in extra money.

Over the years that talent grew into a career, and Eilleen would seek out a future in the Rock and Pop genres, but at the tender age of 22, tragedy struck. Her mother and stepfather were lost in a terrible car crash, leaving Eilleen to take care of her younger siblings. She took gigs with cover bands and country clubs in the area to make ends meet until her siblings were of age and on their own, the whole time honing her skills as a songwriter and performer.

Eventually Eilleen accepted that while rock and pop were not her natural strongsuit, she could breathe a whole new life into the country music mainstream, and younger country music fans were more than ready for what she had to offer. With this newfound confidence and the support of close friends, Eilleen changed her name to Shania, rumored to mean “On My Way”, and began working hard again towards her musical dreams. She released her self-titled album in 1993 which garnered some mild success with charting hits like “What Made You Say That”, and “Dance With The One That Brought You”. But it wasn’t until the dynamic album “The Woman In Me” came out in 1995 that Shania would skyrocket to the top of the international charts.

Shania Twain teamed up with (and very quickly married) rock producer Robert “Mutt” Lange, and together they wrote and released “The Woman In Me” which provided hit after hit with tracks like “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under”, "Any Man of Mine", "(If You're Not in it for Love) I'm Outta Here!", "You Win My Love", and "No One Needs to Know". Backed by a powerful label and a strong video campaign in the height of CMT’s birth, Shania became an undeniable sensation. Her follow-up albums “Come On Over” and “Up!” were released across multiple genres and catapulted her to international superstar level and has, thus far, been seen as the pinnacle of her career. She and Mutt saw years of success, moved to a tremendous estate, and brought the birth of their son Eja as a blessing reward for all her hard work.

The years that followed though were not so sweet. Shania Twain found that her marriage and her voice were both failing her. Mutt was caught cheating on her with her best friend leading to their imminent divorce, and in the same time period she began suffering from a condition known as vocal dysphonia. These things would not keep Shania down though.

In more recent years Shania Twain has worked with vocal coaches and regained the strength her voice once had. She’s appeared on her own reality TV shows and as a guest on several albums. She’s even gone on to hold her own Vegas Residency show titled “Still The One”. Now she’s ready to hit the road and sure to sell out at every arena she plays, with full plans for a new album this fall!

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